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 Voss Switches not showing Network and App response times

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akannemeyer posted 06-06-2022 09:34
Hi Extreme Community

We recently replaced legacy Extreme S series switches with new VSP7400's.
With the S Series Switches we also had Purview (Extreme Analytics) and it worked great.

When we migrated to the VSP's we changes the config on the Purview appliances to support both App telematry (Voss and EXOS) and the legacy Netflow (S Series and Wireless Controller).
For the flows on the the VSP's we see the app information but we see no network or app response times.
When we do a TCP dump on the Purview appliance we do not see the erspan traffice getting to the appliance.

Speaking to GTAC the ERSPAN config etc is all automatically created when you add the VSP to the Purview appliance via XMC.
What am I missing here to see the data?