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E-mail notification HiveManagerNG v.

E-mail notification HiveManagerNG v.

New Contributor II

Hello. I was trying to set up Alerts for AP if it goes down. Under System Settings - E-mail Server I set up SMTP, and TEST CONNECTION is successful. I do get an e-mail into my mail box that test was successfull.


I have one AP for testing (AP122) which is connected to my Hivemanager. Under Alerts Setting I have AP status ENABLED (alert if up and alert if down). When I disconnect PoE from AP and wait for 10 min, I don't get any Alert into my mail box.


What could be the problem?


Thanks for any help,



New Contributor II

Thanks Sam for your answer. I'll open a case, I haven't done it yet.


BR Tomas

Esteemed Contributor III

Hello, I was able to replicate this issue in my lab using the same HiveManager version, so at this point it would be best if you could open a technical support case for this issue so we can start digging in to the root of this issue for you. If you can let me know the case number, I can update the case with my lab results so they don't have to replicate it again.