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HiveManager shows: No active network interface!

HiveManager shows: No active network interface!

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I'm running HiveManager 8.2r2 some time now on a hyper-v platform.

After a failover in the cluster the HiveManager virtual machine is unreachable.


I have tried to reboot, re-add the network adapter (Legacy), remoce the machine in hyper-v and add it back again. also resetting the IP in the hyperv console (Centos) dit not work.


now when I try to view the "Display Physical Address Information"it show the foloowing message:


No active network interface!


Somebody know how to resolve this issue?


Thanks and regards!



You will need to either figure out how to get access to the command line or contact support so they can get you in. Once there rename the file /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules

Shut down hivemanager.

Remove the interface(s) from the virtual machine.

Save it.

Then add them back.

Power on the virtual and the interfaces will be back.


Hivemanager created and recorded the mac addresses of the interfaces when the OVA was created. If something causes the mac to change the underlying OS does not update the file above. However if you remove the file it will recreate it. The original file has six mac addresses in it as the option to add up to six interfaces is there in the initial config setup script. But as long as you have all the interface you need in place when you reboot then you will be good to go. If you want more to be safe then just add them before you boot up the machine then disconnect them after the machine has booted up. That will put them in the file and stage them in the virtual for future use.