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How do I lower the Wifi0 radio power on the AP250 to lower than 10?

How do I lower the Wifi0 radio power on the AP250 to lower than 10?

New Contributor

I'm trying to lower the Wifi0 radio power on the AP250 but it could only go as low as 10.


My settings for Wifi0 are


Supported Radio Modes: g/n

Maximum Transmit Power: 10 dBm

Transmission Power Floor: 5 dBm

Transmission Power Max Drop: 5 dBm

Maximum Number of Clients: 100



Esteemed Contributor III

Not quite, I'm saying if you want the power to be auto then the lowest max power we can set is 10. That does not mean the AP can't use a power level lower than 10 when using auto power, it just means that the max the AP could choose to broadcast can't be lower than 10. Auto power settings mean giving the AP a range to choose from, and the range can't start any lower than 10dBm.


To answer your other questions:

  1. Correct, the manual power setting will override the auto power settings in the Radio Profile.
  2. You can turn off background scanning, but I wouldn't recommend it. It does more than adjust the power and channel settings if those are set to auto, it also populates quite a bit of data in the buffered logs and GUI reports.
  3. Delta updates won't interrupt users at all. The AP won't reboot or stop passing traffic so the users will not be interrupted.


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Hi guys,

Unfortunately I don’t know why those boundary values are set as such either, but I do agree being able to go lower than 10 would be useful in certain deployments. I did bring it up with an Extreme SE a while ago, but not quite sure where it got to in the feature request pile!

In addition, personally I think having the EIRP rather than an arbitrary value would be more useful as with different APs you’ve got different gains, so if you set them all as 12 for example, one AP model would be broadcasting “louder” than another. Additionally having this would make it easier to monitor in respect to regulatory power levels.

Valued Contributor II

Hi John,


Franky speaking I don’t know either why the max TxP lower limit is set to 10 (and why the minimum TxP floor is 2 at least and not 0). It can be some arbitrary OS limitation or ACSP protocol caveat. Perhaps it will be changed upon requests in the future.

If I had to justify this from a presales standpoint, I’d say we either rely on our predictive modelling and adjust powers manually (so we can go to below without issue) or we rely on the protocol that will start from some power level and go down and try on each iteration with an adjustment not greater than TxP Max Drop. But in case of any issue it is still able to go a bit higher (up to 10) than we’d like to (e.g. 8).

Summon @Ash Finch.




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@Tomasz I’m wanting to know why 10 is the lowest max power that can be selected? What if I want the Radio to be in “auto” but want the max power to be 6 or 8? Why the seemingly arbitrary limit?

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Hi John,


Radio Profile for either 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz allow you to specify maximum transmit power that is available for ACSP for selection.

Is that what you’re looking for?


Hope that helps,