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Issues updating AP250's in ExtremeCloud IQ.

Issues updating AP250's in ExtremeCloud IQ.

New Contributor

We are unable to send delta/full configuration updates to our AP250 devices, nor can we send update the firmware. The error message we get is "The CLI 'save image admin VHM-ATALHQWP password *** basic no-prompt' execute failed, cause by: The Aerohive device was unable to save the image to flash memory. Reboot the Aerohive device and try again. If this problem persists, contact Aerohive Support.


A similar message is seen for an attempted configuration message. We have done as suggested and rebooted AP's and it makes no difference. For testing we have allowed all ports through the Firewall to the addresses mentioned in the Firewall config guide which has made no difference. There are 214 AP's in service, with a mix of current firmware of 8.0r1 and 8.2r4. Attempting to load older or any newer firmware fails with the same message above.


Can anyone help?


New Contributor

Thank you for replying. Fortunately since the initial post we have managed to identify the cause of the issue - it is related to our internet traffic filtering system interfering with the device comms to ExtremeCloud, and not the AeroHive system itself.

Esteemed Contributor III

Would you be able to enable CAPWAP debugs, replicate the update failure, pull tech data directly after the update failure, and send that tech data to me at for review? That should give us more details on why the update is failing for you.


This guide reviews how to enable CAPWAP debugs: