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Onboarding successful, not coming online

Onboarding successful, not coming online

New Contributor

I have had this issue on and off and I can't put my finger on it, so I am reaching out to see if anyone else has experienced this same problem.

When I onboard an AP(AP230, AP250, AP550), everything is fine in XIQ, but the AP never comes online, it is not the wrong SN, the light on the device goes white, shows mac at the switch for the interface it is connected to, puling proper powers, but broadcasting no SSIDs and not showing up in XIQ.

Attached is a picture of what I see after about 30 minutes of waiting for it to come online.

This is the link from the image I attached: Solution: Slot-1: exosSnoop: snoop_cache_unresolved:800: Dropping v4 packet with src: de...

Thanks in advance!

Edit: I have waited hours for these to come up with no luck, and unable to console in to see whats going on.


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Community Manager

Good morning from North Carolina 😃 

Sounds like Sebastian has the experience to help you out here, I just wanted to send this guide your way real quick in case it helps, this guide reviews how to troubleshoot and manually connect devices that aren't connecting on their ...

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Just curious, why can't you console into these AP's? Because what you really need to see is the result of "show capwap client". This will show you what the HiveManager address is that your AP's are connecting to. And it will allow you to change it if needed.

If you can't console into the AP's, have you tried going to the web UI? In the web UI, you can set the HiveManager address there. It should also show the current HiveManager address too.

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Good Morning from Germany!

What version of XIQ are you running? Is it an On-Premise IQVA?
I had that problem in an older version of IQVA. AP led white and "successfully connected" on CLI. But in XIQ the AP was still offline.
Have you had a look to the CLI?

best regards