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Replacement for AP130 and AP1130 models.

Replacement for AP130 and AP1130 models.

New Contributor

The above models will apparently go  end of sale end of March 2020.   So far no replacement has been identified by Aerohive/Extreme.   We currently use what I believe is now known as the Classic Hive Manager to manage the estate of APs which also include older AP121 and AP122 models.   

Does anyone know what the recommended replacements would be for the AP130 (Internal) and AP1130 (External) APs and whether we would be able to support them on the Classic Hive Manager Platform?     I kind of suspect we won't and that we'll have to manage new models on the new Hive Manager provided by Extreme.   If that is the case will we then be able to support older equipment on the new Hive Cloud?  


Contributor III

The AP305c (indoors) and the 460i/e (outdoors, with an internal or external antenna option) would most likely be the new models to choose. These models won't be able to be added into the Classic platform though unfortunately.

The new Extreme CloudIQ does support the AP121 and AP122 models however (though in the instance of the 121 certain reporting functionality won't be available as it can't use the newer firmware strands, but is configurable however.