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Unable To Post To Hive Community Starting April 6th

Unable To Post To Hive Community Starting April 6th

Esteemed Contributor III

Hive Community will be put in to Read-Only mode on April 6th at 9am PST. This means you will not be able to post new discussions to the forum. You will still have access to all articles on Hive Community, you will still be able to search for and view old discussions, and if you have purchased support you will still be able to access the download files and your cases in Hive Community.


For the week of April 6th-April 10th, if you have a question you would normally have posted to the forum, please feel free to email me instead at and I'll do my best to assist you via email.


Contributor II

Three cheers for Sam - Queen Bee!

Your help, knowledge, support, and professionalism on this forum has been invaluable.

Contributor III

Goodbye level 5 killer bee status!! 


Thank you for all of your help on this community site Sam, we all appreciate it very much!