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Confusion in Choosing Best Python Framework

Confusion in Choosing Best Python Framework

New Contributor
Hi this is Palak Sharma

I am an engineering student. I like doing coding in different programming languages. Python in one of my Favorite programming language. I am planning to develop web application therefore I need to choose best Python Framework so that it can be easy for me in view of coding. I searched same topic over Google and other online platform but I have seen lots of article over internet for same concern and still it was confusable for me. I have also seen this post over internet where author listed 10 best Python Framework for coding and web development. My confusion is there that can I select any one framework from here or if you people have some other resources then please give your suggestions here.

Looking forward for your kind support on this, would be a great support.


New Contributor

Flask is undoubtedly one of the leading Python frameworks in 2022. Available under the BSD license and inspired by the Sinatra Ruby framework, Flask depends on the WSGI toolkit and the Jinja2 template. The basic functionality of a Flask framework is to help lay a stable web application base. AllSavers Login