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NEW Instructor Survey

NEW Instructor Survey

Extreme Employee

Hello ATPs,

As promised, I have created a more structured way for Instructors to give us their own feedback on the classes they are delivering.

Please complete the survey here (one per class):

The survey is not mandatory, but I do highly recommend using it as it is a great way for Instructors to reflect on what went well and what issues they may have faced during their deliveries so we can work together to improve our training. There is also an additional form attached where you can make notes about specific students if you think it will be useful when it comes to us reviewing the class feedback on a weekly basis. There is a section at the end of the survey where you can upload the form.

I recently re-posted the customer satisfaction survey process on the hub as a reminder to everyone. This process should be followed for EVERY CLASS AND LAB SESSION. Please do let me know if anything needs to be clarified as I am always happy to help aff7e073677d4cb18529bc5800c8c476_1f60a.png

I look forward to receiving your completed surveys!