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Error Message Mcast task out of heap memory

Error Message Mcast task out of heap memory

New Contributor
I get this message repeated when trying to login to the MLX32:

Mcast task out of heap memoryOct 27 21:12:47.740 Error:send_timeout_ind: itc_send_request() to app ITC_APP_RTM6(0x22), msg_type 0x00140002 failed ret ITC_ERR_DEST_QUEUE_FULL(8)

Any clue as to the cause and how to resolve?


Fred Garvin

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Contributor II
It's complaining that it can't send a multicast address to the IPv6 Route Traffic Manager. Do you have tons of next-hops or neighborhood cache activities for IPv6 by chance?

itc show error list
itc show queue 22
show ipv6 rtm multicast
show ipv6 route summary
show ipv6 neighbor
show cam-partition usage
show version

Also debugging (if you want):
debug ipv6 rtm general
debug ipv6 rtm error
debug destination ssh $SESSION_ID -> show who
no debug ipv6 rtm general
no debug ipv6 rtm error

What is the command to disable IPv6 on the MLX32?

Depending on your Management and interface cards, you could switch the cam profile and reload the router. Please check the Management Configuration Guide for the MLX before.

config t
cam-partition profile ipv4
wr mem

However, in your case, it would be nice to know what causes this storm effect:
show tech-support rtm6