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MLXe Rbridge vs VRID

MLXe Rbridge vs VRID

New Contributor
I am working on configuring VRRP instances in a pair of MLXe routers. Can the Rbridge ID and the VRID be the same value? I was told they could not but our config shows otherwise.

Also, after poking around "the Hub" it appears that I can use the same VRID for all VLANs that will be used in both MLXe routers. Is this good practice or just convenience?

Thank you.

Extreme Employee

When using MCT the cluster rbridge-id must be unique on each device.

With respect to VRRP(e) VRID as you mention the same VRID can be used in each instance running in their own VLAN.

I have seen this done both ways many times, some just set VRID as 1 in every VLAN which is valid and works fine. Others vary the VRID for each VLAN but obviously there is only 1 to 255 available.

It simply comes down to what works best for you there is not a hard and fast rule for this.