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40G ER4 Compatibilty

40G ER4 Compatibilty

New Contributor

Hi All,

One of our customer uses Mellanox SN2100 switch and wants to connect to VDX6940-144S via 40G ER4 40km QSFP interface. Mellanox does not have own 40G ER4 QSFP interface.
Does anyone has an experience or information regarding to Extreme Networks 40G ER4 QSFP interface compatible with Mellanox?




New Contributor

Hi Michael,

Thanks for replying.

I know Extreme Networks (also other vendors) do not certify optics compatibility with other vendors.

That is why I asked to community, maybe someone have experience like this situation.

Thanks and Regards,


Extreme Employee



We typically do not certify compatibility of our optics with other vendors.  I checked the Extreme Optics Compatibility chart for VDX and see that the 40G ER4 40km QSFP+ is supported on the VDX6940 and we recommend running the minimum version of NOS 7 when using this optic.

I did check to see if there were any known issues or reports of trouble when a VDX is connected to a Mellanox device.  The only issues I could find were related to using 40G breakout cables where after connecting to a Mellanox switch the VDX interface will remain in “shutdown” until the VDX is reloaded.  That issue was detailed in FN-2019-439.


Hopefully other users can confirm their working designs with VDX <> Mellanox.



Michael Morey
Principal Technical Support Engineer / Extreme Networks

Michael Morey
Principal Technical Support Engineer
Extreme Networks