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Confirm how to configure logical-chassis mode

Confirm how to configure logical-chassis mode

Hi I'd like to confirm the correct command to configure a VDX6740 firmware 7.2.0c.
I read in some older doco switch# vcs vcsid 1 rbridge-id 2 logical-chassis enable but this is not available and I can't recall the correct syntax and mode to execute this. 

Thank you.

Extreme Employee
Hi Russ,

Starting NOS 7.1.x and higher, the only valid VCS mode is logical chassis which is enabled by default, so there's no need to configure logical-chassis enable anymoreYou just need to set the VCS ID and RB ID.

Hi thanks for you reply. When I was checking the status after applying the VCSID and RB ID the output indicated that the switch was in VCS Mode : Fabric Cluster and not logical-chassis. 

Extreme Employee
You will need to downgrade to 7.0.x, then set the vcs mode to logical chassis, then upgrade.

Thanks again, for reference what was the command to configure logical-chassis mode?