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VDX 6740 SNMP VLAN port-channel Interfaces query

VDX 6740 SNMP VLAN port-channel Interfaces query


Dear community, employees, wizards - I need help.

I have a few VDX6740s, vcs/rbridge, and they work just fine. I want to run an SNMP query against it, finding all the ports that are in a given VLAN.

Using dot1qVlanCurrentEgressPorts ( ) together with dot1dBasePortIfIndex ( ), I can get the correct interface(s), unless I’m hitting a port channel. I do get a result from CurrentEgressPorts indicating a port, but there’s no corresponding entry in the dBasePortIfIndex - as a matter of fact, that table does not contain any port channel entries - not the port-channel interface, not the member port interface, nothing

There’s also no obvious (to me) way to correlate that number with anything in the LAG-MIB, i.e. dot3adAggPortList/PortTable ( 1.2.840.10006.300.43.1…. )

Is there some magical piece of math that’s eluding me? Maybe some bit-math that involves the vcs-id or the rbridge-id? Do I have to re-run the query within some fancy snmp context?

Any help, documentation, pointers, etc. would be greatly appreciated. As a last resort I’m considering to query the FdbTable, but that feels improper.

Thanks for your help,

   Frank M.