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VDX6720-60 HW ASIC Chip fault

VDX6720-60 HW ASIC Chip fault

New Contributor
Switch shuts down with message [EANV-1006], 9272,, CRITICAL, VDX6720-60, C2: HW ASIC Chip fault. Type = 0x2a, Error = Critical Parity Errors.
Monitor session is used on ports 1/0/21-1/0/30. When the switch goes down, packet loss goes through the second one.

Config Mode : Distributed
VCS Mode : Logical Chassis
VCS ID : 1

Equipment connected to switches uses port-channel.

Contributor II
The EANV-1006 is due to parity errors detected in the ASIC. Typically, a reboot should clear it. If it's still happening after  reboot, then it will need to be replaced. Also, ensure that your firmware is on 4.1.3d which is the last supported NOS version for the 6720 platform. 

Regarding the packet loss, it's possible the buffers are getting overun resulting in RX discards (tail drops) since it's the only path for all traffic.