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New Documentation Published January 15th-23rd, 2023!

New Documentation Published January 15th-23rd, 2023!

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Our support teams published 45 new articles last week! Check out the new titles below!


SA-2023-005 - Apache HTTP Server ap_escape_quotes (CVE-2021-39275) 

SA-2023-004 - Apache HTTP Server mod_sed (CVE-2022-23943) 

SNMP GET providing incorrect results for Rx/Tx power state on optics 

SA-2023-008 - Apache HTTP Server LimitXMLRequestBody (CVE-2022-22721) 

How to erase startup config from boot Monitor on MLX 

SA-2023-006 - Apache HTTP Server mod_lua (CVE-2022-22719) 

SA-2023-007 - Apache HTTP Server Request Smuggling (CVE-2022-22720)


Campus Fabric Articles

VOSS: Kiwi CatTools SSH connection stopped working after upgrade to VOSS 8.5 and newer 

VSP 7400: Can't Get 10G DAC Cable To Link Up With HP Controller 

VOSS (FE) "IP WARNING Recvd Peer address not same as stored address for Vlan xxx" log message meanin... 

Switch crashes with core dump, when polling OID


Data Center Articles

VDX stuck in boot loop 

In the SLX 8720 EFA checks, some Pods are in Init status. 

EFA execute-cli reporting SLX switches as unreachable 

What limitations come into effect when the "client-interfaces sync_ccep_early lacp-delay" feature is...
EVERY SWITCH in the VDX fabric had a least an HA failover to the standby MM or GOS instance 

MM2 has errored and lost sync with MM1 within a VDX fabric 

Why does egress ACL drop traffic towards tunnel unless the loopback IP is permitted 8520 / 8720 / SL... 

20.4.2a :SLX9540 :Outbound(direction) Vlan shaping is not working in slx9540


EXOS Articles

AP410c Eth1 port down when configured as aggregate with X440 

What is the role of nodemgr process? 

Where can I find the power ratings for the Black Diamond chassis PSUs? 

EXOS stack does not generate "extremeStackMemberOverheat" trap when overheat condition is met


Legacy Articles

HOW TO Configure SNMPv3 Traps or Informs on S/N/K/7100 Series EOS


SD-WAN Articles

How to configure your WAN accesses? 

ZBF sizing 

How to know which saas application to create?

WiNG Articles

AirDefense Enterprise - How to manually move polled devices from the unplaced devices folder to a lo... 

Extreme AirDefense Application Error Radio 2 cannot be configured as sensor when Radio 1 is not conf... 

Creating a WING universal AP profile when WING-Manager does not work 

WiNG - Will the licenses on the Standby cluster member be lost upon reboot? 

Does Extreme Networks supports using of CLI scripts for WiNG devices?

XIQ Articles

Hewlett Packard (HP) LaserJet Pro M203DW will not print through AP370 access points 

Why isn't my POE device linking or powering up when connected to the AP302W Ethernet port? 

SMART Board dropping connection from the wireless XIQ controller 

Warning about Google OAuth is seen on the splash page 

What are config parameters locPrimaryAP and locBackupAP 

Access Point traceroute always prevent last hop from occurring 

XIQ - How to debug client performance or link stability issues 

Factory Reset of AP removes static IP configuration on XIQ 

How Far Back Can Wireless Client Data Be Retrieved In XIQ 

XIQ - Can we use the ExtremeCloud IQ Companion App to log into an ExtremeCloud Connect account? 

Does XIQ have URL filtering? 

Can external and internal RADIUS servers both be deployed on the same Access Point in ExtremeCloud I... 

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