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New Documentation Published June 25th-July 1st!

New Documentation Published June 25th-July 1st!

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Our support teams published 49 new articles last week! Check out the new titles below!



SA-2023-056 - Apache Tomcat invalid HTTP headers (CVE-2022-42252) 

SA-2023-062 - OpenSSH use-after-free flaw (CVE-2015-6564) 

SA-2023-057 - Apache Tomcat mod_proxy_ajp (CVE-2023-34981) 

SA-2023-058 - SSH Session ID Matching (CVE-2001-1473) 

SA-2023-061 - OpenSSH PAM Authentication Flaw (CVE-2015-6563) 

SA-2023-065 - SSH Bleichenbacher attack (CVE-2001-0361) 

SLX stuck in 'Prepared' status during upgrade. 

SA-2023-059 - DHEat attack (CVE-2002-20001) 

SA-2023-063 - Apache Struts inadequate list bounds (CVE-2023-34149) 

SA-2023-064 - Apache Struts no sanity limit (CVE-2023-34396) 

SA-2023-060 - OpenSSH bypasses login attempts (CVE-2015-5600) 

Campus Fabric Articles

Aux High Warning Monitoring Not Implemented 

Second Configured Syslog Host Not Reaching Server 

How To Upgrade ERS From EDM/GUI 

[VOSS] How to configure log buffer size 

VOSS: MAC learnt on a VLAN where port is not part of that VLAN 

Why Switch all port LEDs flashing on and off simultaneously? 

Static Default Route is not showing in the routing table 

Any way to increase fan speed on VSP 8600 chassis to 100 percent?


Data Center Articles

EFA3.1.0 HA cluster fell apart and one node got unresponsive2C now 'efa status' does not work any mo... 

Unable to login to EFA after upgrade from 2.5.5 to 2.7.2 

High CPU and trouble with VRF Certain VRRP_E packets are seen and are going in loop 

customer is seeing RTP packet loss on voice calls after switchover of the voip device 

Getting several repeating IPv6 inconsistent raslog messages related to IPv6 ND 

Sflow not being received by also issue with IBGP 

Principle switch telnet issue


EXOS Articles

Why is traffic hashed asymmetric if using the load sharing static L3_L4 algorithm and redirect-port-... 

I2C error messages "i2c write failed" are observed. 

General Articles

How to disable/shutdown a port or range of ports on 220 series switch 

Legacy Articles

[XIQC] NTP sync status icond sometimes becaem red 

[XIQ-C]Is there any way to detect NTP unsync and send alarm?


SD-WAN Articles

Appliance in DWS not replying to probing packets 

Appliance appears as "Disconnected from Orchestrator" on the ExtremeCloud SD-WAN dashboard 

Universal Articles

Can VLAN's Other Than 4051/4052 Be Used for SPBm Backbone VLAN's? 

WiNG Articles

WiNG AP - Can we change Master Election of Virtual Controller in auto mode 

WiNG - All legacy APs unadopting after an 802.11ax AP is added to the rf-domain 

XIQ Articles

AX APs Cannot Exceed 18dBm Transmit Power on 10.6r1 Firmware 

AP305C access points in low power mode 

Clients are unable to resolve DNS after authenticating to SSID 

AP is forwarding unwanted broadcast ARP traffic to Wi-Fi radio interfaces 

Cannot reset VIQ configuration 

No Client Information Appear in ML Insights>Clients360 with operator rights 

Remote SSH feature in IQVA 

VGVA & XR router all vpn tunnel are down at the same time 

XIQ - 802.1x authentication failed on IQEngine AP acting as Radius server 

Why enabling SSH connection for a device does not work on Distributed Cloud? 

The phone no. with 199/198/197 wasn't saved to the user after self-registration so SMS didn't delive... 

Ability to disable XIQ local admin accounts 

XMC Articles

In XIQ-SE, when replacing a device, is it better to delete and re-add the device or to rediscover th...


If you have any requests for new articles, please let us know! You can either comment on this post, or email me directly at