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New Documentation Published May 14th-20th!

New Documentation Published May 14th-20th!

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Our support teams published 57 new articles last week! Check out the new titles below!



SA-2023-051 - vm2 sandbox bypass (CVE-2023-29017) 

SA-2023-052 - SLP DoS Attack (CVE-2023-29552) 

EFA stops responding to "fabric" commands 

Campus Fabric Articles

VSP 8600: Static Route with Non-Local next-hop within L3VSN not active. 

VOSS - Printer not working with auto-sense port 

Are two stacking cables needed to stack 2 unit Ethernet Routing Switches (ERS) stack? 

Do 5320 switch models support DVR? 

Will commands applied in interface level affect global configuration? 

Fortigate HA pair MAC Not Learned Correctly On VSP Switch Cluster 

VSP 8600 continues to route packets destined for VRRP Mac address even after IP address for the VLAN... 

FabricEngine/VOSS Unable to BGP peer IPv6 to SLXOS or EXOS


Data Center Articles

Switch stopped logging 

SLX Flow based mirroring 

ve point-to-point ospf interfaces on vll end points(CEs) ,ospf sessions are bouncing. had 70% packet... 

EFA 3.2.0: efa fabric show command fails with "dial tcp x:3306 connection refused" 

BFD Flapping 

After typing tpvm install the status shows installation error 

SLX9850 --LACP flapping continuously 

EFA inventory config-replay execute failed after backup deploy and restore operations are performed.


EXOS Articles

clearflow ezspantree logs seen when cli config logging is enabled 

In the midst of repeated cold reboots, the X435 stopped accepting some commands, returning "Error: e... 

MAC address not learned on STP blocked ports 

Unable to downgrade from 32.3.x to 31.7.x version : ubirmvol: error!: cannot find UBI volume "kern2"... 

Do the X440-G2 switches support iproute sharing (ECMP)? 

Port-Partitioning causes loop or storm in EAPS/ERPS 

Is the output of "show ports transceiver information" periodically updated for VPEX ports? 

How to prevent advertising routes received from a specific AS in BGP using route policy?

Legacy Articles

How to create a transition OWE network on XIQ-C controller 

Explain warning when adding new certificate for captive portal 

NAC/Control: How To Match End System Authentications to Authorization Rules Based on Hostname 

[XIQ-C] what is the meaning of cli command "topol" and "arpGuardMode"


SD-WAN Articles

Where to find which services are in a Saas application? 

How does the API work with the SD-WAN solution?

Universal Articles

Why is newly created IPv6 address in a Tentative State? 

Where can I find Default EXOS Settings and configuration based on EXOS firmware versions? 

Link is in Ready state after upgrade to EXOS v32.4 

Each command entered in EXOS CLI gets prompting for command authentication through MFA when configur... 

WiNG Articles

Proprietary Android Tablets won't connect to the WiNG wifi - model Autometer BCT-460 

License Generation Failed - Maximum level of this license type is reached on the HW Serial Number. Y... 

AP410i stopped servicing clients on 2.4GHz after upgrading from to 

ADSP SSH-Server offers Weak Ciphers 

XIQ Articles

XIQ - How to change Captive Web Portal Authentication Method 

Clients cannot access internet after association 

CloudIQ not sorting "Updated" column properly 

[XIQ] AP can't be updated via XIQ - Unable to use ACTIONS menu in XIQ-cloud 

Are Auto Email Reports for Extreme Guest Essential Wi-Fi supported? 

Firmware upgrade with scheduled reboot doesn't work 

Common Object Schedule start date shows error "This value is out of range." 

Config push fails to APs after changing location 

Can the AP410C-FCC Bluetooth/BLE Radio Be Disabled 

What is Deployed device update option that show in audit log 

Register new XIQ instance 

Radio RX gets stuck after ACSP or boot up and clients fail to associate to SSIDs 

Is there gold version for AP models on XIQ 

Is it possible to create a new DHCP server with the same subnet as AP subnet? 

Access Points getting default radio profile instead of profile assigned to the AP Template 

Cannot edit Cloned PPSK SSID as Unknown error on XIQ appears


If you have any requests for new articles, please let us know! You can either comment on this post, or email me directly at