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Extreme Cloud with External Captive Portal authentication

Extreme Cloud with External Captive Portal authentication

Contributor II
Hi Community

We have a client that is looking at deploying numerous AP's for a free wifi service.
The AP's will be dispersed across a town.

The client is looking at deploying 3805i AP's (3915 when supported by cloud) and managing them from the cloud portal.

The client is developing an external captive portal (Cloud hosts) that he want to use to redirect the clients to.

I have a few questions regarding this external integration.

Do we have any official integration document like we have with the ExtremeWireless integration document?

Also can the ExtremeCloud send radius accounting to an extrenal server? the client would like to implemenet a daily cap for each user but will require the radius accounting info for that.


Extreme Employee
I don't believe we have a specific guide for this process but will look into it.
Doug Hyde
Director, Technical Support / Extreme Networks