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Flooding Laptop MAC

Flooding Laptop MAC

New Contributor III
when a specific laptop is turned on all other wireless devices lose their connection but when that laptop is connected to the switch with an ethernet cable the connections are all stable.
typically when the laptop is connected via wireless we (7 other laptops and iPhones, occasionally more devices) all have connections dropped every minute or more.

I have tried updating the drivers on that laptop but they are already up to date, I have tried so many things that have been suggested but nothing seems to be working other than keeping it plugged into the switch constantly which is not an option for us.

the laptop also shows 100% disk usage directly on start-up when nothing else is running. sometimes stopping superfetch and windows search will search will help but not for long and sometimes not at all

I am hoping someone has an idea of what to do here.

Please suggest me which Extreme Controller and AP for avoiding this type of problem????


Extreme Employee
It is always recommended to limit amount of Broadcast / Multicast traffic in the air.
For this purpose wing has default Access Lists can be utilized for each WLAN outbound direction.

These ACLs will limit amount of unneeded broadcast/multicast traffic hitting the air. In case some multicast addresses must be allowed in the air (e.g. Video streaming or PTT), these ACLs may be adjusted according to the particular use-case:

ip access-list BROADCAST-MULTICAST-CONTROL permit tcp any any rule-precedence 10 rule-description "permit all TCP traffic" permit udp any eq 67 any eq dhcpc rule-precedence 11 rule-description "permit DHCP replies" permit ip any rule-precedence 19 deny udp any range 137 138 any range 137 138 rule-precedence 20 rule-description "deny windows netbios" deny ip any rule-precedence 21 rule-description "deny IP multicast" deny ip any host rule-precedence 22 rule-description "deny IP local broadcast" permit ip any any rule-precedence 100 rule-description "permit all IP traffic" ! mac access-list PERMIT-ARP-AND-IPv4 permit any any type ip rule-precedence 10 rule-description "permit all IPv4 traffic" permit any any type arp rule-precedence 20 rule-description "permit all ARP traffic"
now assign this to the WLAN see below (use ip) (use Mac) wlan DOT1X-CORP ssid DOT1X-CORP vlan 10 bridging-mode local

encryption-type ccmp authentication-type eap no answer-broadcast-probes use aaa-policy extEAP use ip-access-list out BROADCAST-MULTICAST-CONTROL use mac-access-list out PERMIT-ARP-AND-IPv4

New Contributor III
Hi Alok,

I'm not sure if this is the same problem, but we ran in to an issue where a student bridged their wireless interface with another interface (not sure why) and it was triggering spanguard on the AP port. The AP would disconnect, the laptop would associate with the next closest AP and the same thing would happen. It took us a while to track down the laptop and even longer to figure out why it was causing it.

Good luck,
-Rich P.

Extreme Employee


One comment you said "the laptop also shows 100% disk usage directly on start-up " could be an indication of MALWARE.

Since it is only one laptop, I would suggest you isolate the PC until it can be re-imaged

New Contributor III
Currently, we are using ruckus, we just want to switch over Extreme if there is any feature available on Controller level to restrict such type of MAC.
or we can say restrict particular broadcast or multicast packets.