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Re: Device appears to be in use by another VIQ

Re: Device appears to be in use by another VIQ

New Contributor

I bought a used Aerohive SR 2024P and when I try to upload it to my Extreme cloud I get the following error:

The following devices failed: 20261605190078The device appears to be in use by another VIQ.

I reached out to the online company I bought the switch from and they said they do not have this information, can you help me? 


New Contributor
Thanks Sam!

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager
Hi Chad, thanks for reaching out and for providing that serial number. I was able to find the old record causing that error, and I've reached out to the original owners to get permission to remove that old record. Once we have that, I'll be able to free this device up so you can add it to your inventory. Please feel free to check in with me here any time for an update.