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Control, Wireless, Domains, Roles, and VLANs

Control, Wireless, Domains, Roles, and VLANs

New Contributor II

I am trying to understand the relationship between the Domain as defined in Control, and the Roles and VLANs that are configured in our wireless CloudIQ Controller.

I have been working with the latest versions of Extreme Control and XIQ Controller in a pilot environment, and it is working as expected as follows: the authentication response from Control contains a Policy Role, and there is a matching Role configured in XIQ Controller.  The Role in XIQ Controller contains a VLAN definition, and therefore the wireless client is switched to the desired VLAN upon authentication.

However, when I enforce the Domain from Control > Policy, these local VLAN definitions are overwritten.  The Roles still exist, but the VLAN ID definition changes from the desired VLAN to "Use default VLAN of Network".

So I am wondering the following:
- How do I set up the Domain within Control such that these VLAN definitions are preserved and pushed with the Domain?
- Is there a better method for enforcing a wireless VLAN based on authentication rules within Control?