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API - How is updating an end user supposed to work?

API - How is updating an end user supposed to work?

New Contributor II

I'm talking about the method described here.

If I update a user via the Extremecloud IQ web page as shown here:

If I press that button and the expiration date is not reached, the expiration date gets extended.
That does NOT happen when updating the user via the API.
Is that the intention or a bug?
Also when pressing this button while expiration time is not reached, no new password is sent out.
This is the same while using the AP. In my opinion it would be smart to resend the password, even if it's the same one.

Also, if a user HAS expired, in the web page, I can just press the button and the user is renewed with a new expiration time and a new password.
Not so when using the API; If a user is expired I first have to delete it and then create a new user.
Is that what is really happening in the background when using the web page and we just don't see it?