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Custom Alarm Email Notification

Custom Alarm Email Notification

New Contributor II

I have created an alarm configuration to send me an email if a switch experiences a SpanGuard event the locks out a port on my EOS switches.

I have the alarm definition setup as follows:
2022-10-28 13_28_08-Alarm Configuration - Extreme Networks — Mozilla Firefox.png

The email comes through fine, but I get 3 copies of one email and a single copy of another email with the same alert.  You can see the Information column below is the email I see and the "Seen Count" is the number of emails that are sent to me.

I have gotten the second alarm to only send me a single email by setting up the Alarm Suppression rule in the Actions tab of the rule creation window
2022-10-28 13_32_42-Alarm Configuration - Extreme Networks — Mozilla Firefox.png

I still get the top alarm emailed to me though and I cant figure out how to eliminate multiple emails from being sent. 
I also feel there is probably a better way to filter the rule so that the second alert isnt "seen" 3 times.
I have tried altering the Match On: Log: criteria field to include or exclue Syslog and the other, but have not found anything that works.  Its almost like XIQ-SE is getting 4 syslog events evertime I reproduce the issue.

Thanks for any guidance.


Valued Contributor III

Check how many events you get from switches. Check those events. are you getting the same log message multiple times? Are those messages equal or different?

Regards Zdeněk Pala

Three of the messages are the same and the fourth is in a slightly different format but with the same details.

This is the identical message I will get 3 copies of:


This is the second message I get a single copy of:


Blacked out portions are the IP address of the switch.


Valued Contributor III

thank you for sharing emails. I am interested in the original events. can you find those events in Alarms > Events > Syslog

Regards Zdeněk Pala