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EMC Analytics/Purview - UserID Detection

EMC Analytics/Purview - UserID Detection

New Contributor II
I think I'm missing something simple here in my setup. I am running Purview with EMC and NAC and WLC V2110

I am mirroring (n15) my outbound ISP link, and I have netflows on my core for that port (S6, 8.62.4) directed to the purview appliance.

I get app ids in purview as expected, but what I don't get is my username matches for the flows.

I have usernames populating my NAC as expected.

I haven't found anywhere in the purview config to tweak userid settings, nor have I found in the NAC anywhere to export userids to purview.

Is this part of the integration completely behind the scenes? --Or am I missing something in my setup?


New Contributor II
Hi all,

Do you maybe have an idea why in Purview for some flows username is correctly populated from NAC, but for some flows User/Detailed Location fields are blank (and user exist in NAC).

We didn't enable Communication Channels because we don't need that feature in NAC.

Everything (Purview, NAC, EMC) are on same version.


New Contributor II
btw, not sure how but 2525 was prepopulated in my comm channel.

New Contributor II
changed Comm channel to "Default" as shown in the NAC config, and updated NAC and purview to match Netsight version. After these corrections problem was resolved

New Contributor III
I just enabled it this morning after reading this post and it worked immediately without the use of comm channel