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EMC (NetSight) 7.0 no mobile (responsive) interface

EMC (NetSight) 7.0 no mobile (responsive) interface

New Contributor
I have a problem when I try to access Extreme Management Center (NetSight) with mobile device. The design of the interface is not responsive. I don't see all the options in the top bar cause they are out of the screen. I can't scroll through them. The interface is just unusable under mobile. I tried using android and iphone devices with the same result.

In the old days, there was mobile access using address NetSight_IP:8080/Mobile but now it just returns page Error404: Page Not Found the requested web page cannot be found.

I am using Extreme Management Center


Extreme Employee
Hi LukiM, I could see that the mobile view has been removed from 7.x version. For the issue you have i would suggest to open up a case with GTAC and see enhancements can be made, may be you can also place a request for the Mobile feature while opening up the case.