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Fabric Manager - Issues

Fabric Manager - Issues

New Contributor II

Hi all!

I've installed Fabric Manager and it seems that I cannot get it to draw the complete topology. It only shows a small subset of my Fabric Enabled devices.

I've checked the logs and found out that Fabric Manager is using invalid credentials to query the switches.

On the Operations Log I can see several errors on the Fabric Connect Discovery. It fails with "Bad Community Strings/Agent is down/Network is slow/Unknown Error".

At the same time I get SNMP Traps from the devices themselves saying "Incorrect Community Name" and rcnaAuthenticationFailure.

Can anyone shed some light on this?

Thanks to you all in advance!


You no longer use the Fabric Topology options as you had in the past. That option will be removed in a future build. The Fabric Manager functionality has been built directly into the XIQ-SE Maps function. Create a MAP w/ Fabric enabled devices and it should draw both regular links and Fabric links. You can then choose to show either or both as part of the map.

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That doesn't seem to be the case, because I can perform all other action from within XIQ-SE, like terminal access, and SNMP configuration changes and poling.

Anyway, it seems that I should not be looking at Fabric Manager because it being phased-out. I'll delete de VM soon.


Extreme Employee

Hello Tiago.

If you're referring to the Fabric Manager standalone appliance please note that it has been formally discontinued and the last release build was 22.09. As of XIQ-SE 23.04+ Fabric Manager maps functionality has been directly integrated into ExtremeCloud IQ - Site Engine so use of the standalone appliance is no longer necessary.

If you are using any version/combination of XIQ-SE or Fabric Manager (Standalone) older than 23.02 (or 23.04 specific to your scenario) at this point upgrading would be recommended/advised. We generally support the last 12 months of releases.


Without any further insight I would simply recommend you review the SNMP configuration against Fabric enabled devices and verify that XMC/XIQ-SE has functional SNMP communication to those devices. FM relies on that data for what it uses to poll devices. FM will appear slow if one or more switches are not responsive thus holding up other processes.

Was the migration of FM appliance into XIQ-SE documented anywhere? I don't remember seeing it in the release notes.

We did not, all debates aside, properly notify the field of this change. Embedded in release notes that have been corrected over time the message regarding Fabric Manager, etc is somewhere embedded.

End of Software Maintenance

In ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine version 23.7.13 and after, the following components and features are at end-of-software maintenance:

  • Guest and IoT Manager - last version is

  • Fabric Manager - last version is

  • Posture Assessment (both the agent-based and agent-less)


The note you will also find "Fabric Manager version is compatible with ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine version 23.11. If you are running a previous version of Fabric Manager, upgrade your deployment to Fabric Manager for use with ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine version 23.11." is actually in error and will be addressed in the next major release notes for 24.2.

I recently updated this GTAC KB @