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Facebook login on NAC

Facebook login on NAC

New Contributor II
I'm trying to implement Facebook login on NAC, system correctly handle requests till "Register via facebook", and than, as it's starts to redirect me to FB application ( all steps described in help file is done) browser(s) says "Your connection is not private"
Does someone have experience with adding this future?

Hi Guys,

Resuming this conversation, I'm still in trouble..

I have a customer willing to enable social media authentication with NAC (ExtremeWireless and NAC His TOP priority is to enable Facebook login.

I've already configured Google and Microsoft logins and both work like a charm (using L7 rules B@AP topology), but Facebook still a mess.

The L7 rules allowing Facebook (default and the custom I've created) seems not to work.

Already tried using the HTTP NAC Portal, but when it jumps to Facebook I got the HSTS problem (when enabling HTTPS redirection) or no access (if I deny HTTPS after allow L7 rules).

The only way I found is to allow all HTTPS, but this is unacceptable for the customer.

Already tried to mess with "Allowed Sites" on NAC, but I had no luck.

I'm running out of ideas (and time)... Anyone have any idea?



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Forking this conversation to its own thread for better visibility. Please reference the new conversation here: Using Facebook for NAC Login

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1) in external portal configuration on EWC uri use http fqdn to NAC
2) in NAC portal profile uncheck "Force captve portal to use HTTPS
3) Add http://nac_portal/fb_oauth? to Fb application allowed domain's

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