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How to manage firmware upgrade scheduled jobs in EMC?

How to manage firmware upgrade scheduled jobs in EMC?

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I want to know if the scheduled firmware upgrades can be managed somehow. It would be practical to cancel, reschedule or simply get a list of jobs pending.

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Further to my previous reply;  although I can see pending firmware upgrade jobs in “Tasks>Scheduled tasks” I cannot see the detail of the jobs (so I can’t see which image has been selected for instance), it would be better if you could click on the job and be taken to the job details section where details could be seen (and ammended if neccessary).



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I know this thread is now 3 (Three!) years old, but I was looking for the same thing and was struggling.

We are running v. and I still can’t see how I can check whether a device has a pending upgrade from the device view.

I can, however, view ”Scheduled upgrades and archives” from Tasks>Scheduled tasks.

These can then be ordered based on the fields (e.g. “start time”, “device”, “action”) they can also be cancelled by right clicking on the required line and selecting cancel.

My general experience with XMC is that quite often you can do what you want, but it is not intuitive, and the documentation rarely helps.

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I couldn’t believe what I read when I stumbled across this thread 🙂  SQL query, really?

Please provide a feature to view.


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Having to use sql commands to manage scheduled jobs is not acceptable.    Unfortunately  Extreme has spent so many resources integrating all the companies they purchased they never finished the core functionality of XMC.  But they did remove the much more functional firmware upgrade process from Console.