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Map refresh skewed

Map refresh skewed

New Contributor

Hi, when my map in the ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine refreshes (30min) the map shift's to the bottom right, so only half the map is visible. I was looking through the options, but have not been able to find

any settings that would solve the issue. If you have any ideas I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank You!



Extreme Employee

I simply do not know. I would have to see the 'shift' you refer to be able to comment further.

A wild guess here, depending on how large the map is, is that a device in the lower right has some precedence or value better than others and becomes a 'focal point' for the map so the map center focuses on that device.

This could also be the Map Properties -> Control ... where you select options like "Enable Pan and Zoom" or "Disable" impacting how it is drawn.