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NAC Guest Portal redundancy

NAC Guest Portal redundancy

New Contributor II
Hi all,
we are using Extreme Control with two redundant NAC appliances. The radius part is working fine, but now we want to add redundancy for the guest registration web page, too.

Does anyone have experience with two redundant guest portals in Extreme NAC? Is this a valid setup anyway?
In the EWC we now have set up redirection to the IP of the first NAC portal. At this point DNS could be used to get the redundancy to point to both NAC portals. But I'm not sure if this works out as a whole.

Thanks, Thomas

Valued Contributor III
Hello Thomas,

if you use DNS Proxy (works with wireless controller) described here:

you can point the 1st DNS entry to NAC1 and an 2nd entry to NAC2.

Best regards

Regards Stephan

New Contributor III
We have two redundant NAC appliances with the same portals. GTAC helped us setup the configuration on the switches so they pickup the slack of the other if one is out of commission. The portals work seamlessly.

That's a good point to know that the two portals work together. In our case the wirless controller is making the redirect to the portal. On the controller it's only possible to define one IP address or a FQDN. So maybe it's better to do the redirection on the switches. Could you give me a hint on how the switch configuration looks like?