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Netsight MAPS: LLDP, Summits and CISCOs

Netsight MAPS: LLDP, Summits and CISCOs

Hello, everybody!

I've added several CISCOs (2960, 3650) and Summits (X430, X440) to Netsight MAPS.

All switches are "green" in Devices and connected by SNMP. LLDP is enabled everywhere.

I can see from Summits and CISCO each other with show lldp neighbors in details.

But the links don't appear in Maps. All tlvs are enables everywhere, even per links on CISCOs.

Core CISCO is 3650: "Cisco IOS Software, IOS-XE Software, Catalyst L3 \ Switch Software (CAT3K_CAA-UNIVERSALK9-M), Versio\
n 03.07.02E RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)"

What most likely could be the problem?

Many thanks in advance,


New Contributor III
Hi All

I'm having the same issue on HP switches. Has anyone come up with a solution yet? I have the HP MIB's imported and running XMC 8.1.2.x. Any info will be appreciated.


New Contributor II
Did you resolve your issue, I have had this issue in the past and was able to resolve. The easiest of the 2 instances I did the following.

Depending on your topagraphy, one switch not sending lldp could cause all devices connected to it not to show the link in maps.

Log into your Cisco switches and into Enable mode.

Type : "show LLDP neighbors" hit enter.

If your do not get a correct list of the links on your cisco switch, clear LLDP by turning LLDP off and on again.

Also check the LLDP times.

Hi, daniel,

I haven't solved the issue yet. I'll try to do as you've said.

The problem is in CLI all the switches show correct information. Ciscos see Extremes, Extremes see Ciscos.

Netsight sees links between Extremes only(


Extreme Employee
Hello llya,

This symptom which your reported looks like the following article.

LLDP/EDP Links between some devices are not seen in Maps

What is your Netsight SW version ?

Best regards,