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No Application and Network response time with custom fingerprint

No Application and Network response time with custom fingerprint

New Contributor
Hello Everyone,

I creat a custom fingerprint on purview and it works, however the column value of application and network response time were gone.

I try to delete the custom fingerprint and keeping monitor application flow, and all application are identified to pre-define application with the same destination address, and application and network response time show out again.

Anyone knows it? normal behavior? or bug?


New Contributor
Hello All,

My Netsight/Purview are running v6.2.0.199, and there is no any Application and Network response time since custom fingerprint 4days.

In the screenshots, one is custom fingerprint setting , the other one is Report->Dashboard result, you can see the customer fingerprint was created on 5/13, but there is still data of Application and Networks response time until 5/17.

I think that like a bug, I will try to upgrade them to to see if the same issue. if yes, the open a ticket for further support.


Custom fingerprints


Report -> Dashboard


Extreme Employee
Hello Joy, I would also add that it depends on what view your looking at. Can you send attach a screenshot? (Note this is a public forum).
Note that if looking for this in report form, it may take an hour or more to become part of that, and if looking at the flow views, the flows may already be in use by some other transactions, and will not report until they time out.
We can force that by restarting the application on the Purview appliance cli by doing the following

appidctl restartThis restarts the purview's software completely, and will be a small interruption in service.

This will force the flows to be reviewed again with the fingerprints in place, and purge any older one's from view.
If this does not help, you will need to open up a ticket with the GTAC to resolve.

Extreme Employee
Sounds like a bug, I have made over 100 custom fingerprints, and never have seen that behavior.

What version of Netsight/Purview are your running?