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Non-stop rebooting, bad address in epc, kernel panic

Non-stop rebooting, bad address in epc, kernel panic

New Contributor II
summit x350-24t, constantly rebooting.
From console (manually rewrite general lines):
- code: (bad address in epc);
- fatal exception: panic in 5 seconds
- kernel panic - not syncing: fatal exception;
- reboot

In Bootstrap, Test memory with command 'mt', result:
-1 test itterations passed with no errors.

Is switch dead? What I can do?
I'm not previously debug extreme switches...

New Contributor II
OK 🙂

Try to contact the TAC ... may be some new ideas ...

New Contributor II
Have you tried another image ? an oldest one ?

Or RMA ...

I install exactly that image (and exactly that file) who I use in last switch upgrade last year (for 3 pieces of x350-24t). And all three upgrades was successful.
For my logic - try older or other image is time waste. There is some technical damage...

About RMA - I dont knowing this process, but switches was purchased ~7+ years ago.
Last firmware version for us was If I understand correct, then warranty for this device is ended.

AnyWay, thank You Pascal for support!

New Contributor II
May be the ram in this partition is corrupted ?

Try both (loader 1 or 2 - boot 1 or 2) to choose

cross fingers + some time to test