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OneView Maps image quality is horrible

OneView Maps image quality is horrible

New Contributor III
I'm running NetSight 7.0. We were offered the early release and decided to give try it out. I've spent hundreds of hours mapping out our buildings and laying out the APs using the Devices->Maps feature and it's become a very handy tool when looking at coverage or lack there of. Since upgrading to NetSight 7.0, when I import an image of the floor plan, the quality is horrible and I am unable to read it. All of our old maps are fine and the quality is exactly as it was on NetSight 6, but any new map is unusable.

I've attached two images of the same floor plan. One is of image file opened in the standard windows image viewer application. The other image is the same floor plan once it's been imported in to OneView->Devices->Maps and as shown in my browser. I've tried multiple browsers and it still looks like same.

The floor plans are in PDF format. I convert them to.jpg and import them in to OneView. I've done it this way for the previous hundred floor plans. Any idea of what may have changed and how I can go about importing these floor plans so that are clear and easy to read? I've also tried converting the PDF to.gif and.png and still unreadable in OneView but very clear in any other image viewer applications. It appears NetSight is doing something to the image when it imports it as the map background.

I've wasted a day trying to figure this out. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

-Rich P.

- Image as it appears in Windows Image Viewer


Image as it appears in OneView



Extreme Employee
Hi Rich - we understand the cause of the issue and should be able to have it fixed in an upcoming EA release. Would it be possible to get the actual map file you were using? Thank you.

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