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port status of unused ports in netsight

port status of unused ports in netsight

Extreme Employee
I have a customer who would like to view the unused ports report from Netsight for all his EXOS switches. I had contacted GTAC and I was asked to add the Port_Status_Time_with_alias.tpl file and create a flexview. I have done this and I am able to view the unused ports report. But the customer is actually looking for the historical data of unused ports. He wants the accumulated report of unused ports for a month or a week.
With the Port_Status_Time_with_alias flexview the port status gets refreshed once the port goes down or comes up. So the counter resets as soon as port goes down or comes up. Customer wants the report to show data of how long the ports were unused for a particular period. So the counter should not reset and should add up the total time the ports had remained unused and then generate a report. Can changes be made to the Port_Status_Time_with_alias.tpl file to generate this report. Customer requires this to monitor how long the Users are using wired as against wireless.Epicenter the predecessor of Ridgeline was able to generate this report. I have checked the capacity planning also which is not helpful for this situation.

Any suggestions or tips would be helpful.


New Contributor III
Hi Bob, I'm interested in the same report like Raghuajan asked for. Is it planned to create a report like this? Thank you, best regards, Yves

New Contributor
Hello Raghurajan,

I created the FlexView that you mentioned to provide the time that a port has been in it's current state. There is really no way to provide historical information using FlexViews (you can export the FlexView data, but then you would have to do some manual work to get the information that you want).

It sounds like you would have to have OneView (Extreme Management) collect interface stats. One piece of information that can be reported on is the Availability. Here is a KCS article that explains how to set this up:

You can then run custom reports against the interface in question to get historical availability.