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purview pv-fc-180 GRE and direct connect configuration question.

purview pv-fc-180 GRE and direct connect configuration question.

New Contributor II
We have a PV-FC-180 configured as a collector coming off of our two main core switches (BD 8810s) in our main office, they're direct connected.

I have a management interface and a direct connection to the Purview server (pv-a-300).

There are two issues I have;

1) A campus building with another BD8810 and a VMWare infrastructure connected via MAN that I would also like to feed into my Purview. Is it possible to set up a GRE tunnel between the BD8810 and the FC-180 despite my current configuration mode being directly connected?

2) Remote offices (small) that we'd like to feed data into Purview to get application response times from their perspectives. Is this something else we'd have to form a GRE tunnel to?

Extreme Employee
Hi Ron,

While I can't speak to the specifics regarding GRE on those devices, it may not be relevant to the solution. Purview (Extreme Analytics) can use a GRE tunnel from remote switches, but this is used to forward across the MirrorN packets sourcing from that switch. Currently this is only available on a S or K series switch, along with a Analytics Collector appliance.