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Site Engine Connect : decommissioned Google devices

Site Engine Connect : decommissioned Google devices

New Contributor

All of a sudden the Google module for Connect is listing several of our devices are decommissioned. I am looking in Google, the devices are not decommissioned there and look normal. I have turned off the sync for now and moved the devices out of the decommissioned endpoint group to get them all working. If I didn't turn off the sync, they'd just get put back in the decommissioned group on the next sync with Google. 

Anyone know why out of the blue Site Engine would flag these Chrome devices as decommissioned? 





Extreme Employee

Site Engine gets the information from Google through API calls. It smells like a change in Google API behavior, potentially a bug.

I suggest enabling the debug level and checking the logs. Then open a support case at GTAC and potentially will need to talk to Google support.

Regards Zdeněk Pala

Extreme Employee

This can occur if the Connect module imports both wired and wireless interface information (which it does by default) and the, for example, wired interface is deprovisioned... we may remove both interface MACs and move them to Decommissioned since they have the same matching deviceID.

Find the option in Connect's module configuration to disable import of wired interfaces. Turn things back on and observe. If this settles things, turn it back on to see if the problem returns. If it does - consider leaving this option disabled unless wired interfaces are also required here.