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SNMPv3 Adding New EXOS Switch to NETSIGHT via Script snmpassist

SNMPv3 Adding New EXOS Switch to NETSIGHT via Script snmpassist

New Contributor II
Hi All.

I’m in a process of fisrt configuration of netsight. I wish to add XOS switch (X440-g2) to netsight by using script snmpassist. Unfortunately there is no connection over SNMP. There is connection through CLI from netsight to the switch. I was even able to add NMS and NAC by using default snmpv3 settings. I wish to use different profile for switches just to learn how to do that.

Here are screens from NMS:




AND the switch:



SNMP configuration has been deleted.

* X440G2-24t-10G4.40 # run script snmpassist

Would you like to (D)elete or (C)onfigure SNMPv3? c

Please enter your SNMPv3 User name: snmpuser

Please enter your SNMPv3 User password (8 to 49 char): snmpuserpassword

Please enter your SNMPv3 privacy password (8 to 49 char): snmpuserpassword

Please enter your authentication type (SHA/MD5): md5

Please enter your encryption type (3DES, AES, DES, HEX): des

SNMP Group name is used to link multiple SNMP users together. Its not something that Netsight/ExtremeControl asks for.

Please enter your SNMPv3 Group name: snmpusergroup

Please enter your SNMPv3 Access preferences: TEST

Would you like to disable SNMP v1v2c access? (y/n): y

Would you like to disable the default SNMPv3 user? (y/n): y

Would you like to disable the default SNMPv3 group? (y/n): y

SNMPv3 configuration has been completed

* X440G2-24t-10G4.40 # show snmpv3 counters

snmpUnknownSecurityModels : 0

snmpInvalidMessages : 0

snmpUnknownPDUHandlers : 0

usmStatsUnsupportedSecLevels : 0

usmStatsNotInTimeWindows : 0

usmStatsUnknownUserNames : 2

usmStatsUnknownEngineIDs : 40

usmStatsWrongDigests : 14

usmStatsDecryptionErrors : 0


PS. I wasn’t able to add that switch to the nms even by using standard commands.

Please advise.

Best Regards


Just setup SNMPv3 by hand.

configure snmpv3 add user SNMPUSERNAME authentication md5 PASSWORD privacy PASSWORD
configure snmpv3 add group GROUPNAME user SNMPUSERNAME sec-model usm
configure snmpv3 add access GROUPNAME sec-model usm sec-level priv read-view defaultAdminView write-view defaultAdminView notify-view defaultNotifyView

Thank you Jeremy. It worked, the way you said. I will try anyway, to work it out with the script.

Best Regards