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XMC - User Group with only read-only access to some devices

XMC - User Group with only read-only access to some devices

New Contributor II

i'm actually designing user right to device in xmc 8.2.

For the example, the user "DIT" should be able to have full right on certain devices and only read-only right to certain other device.

I created a local user "DIT" in a specific user-group "DIT_LILLE" with standard netsight right (allow set snmp to devices is checked)

I created 2 profiles :
  • the first profile (RW) have Read-write CLI and Read-write SNMP credentials (SNMPv3)
  • the second profile (RO) have read-only CLI and read-only SNMP credentials (SNMPv3)
I mapped the RW profile to a device "sw-bur30" and the RO profile to a second device "SW-alsit" for the user group "DIT_LILLE" in the device-mapping.


Both of the device have a default administration profile set to the RW profile.

When I log on with the "DIT" user, I can make change to interface status and i can enforce device configuration on both device so the RO profile seems to not being used ...

If I uncheck the ''allow set snmp to device'', the user is unable to make change to both devices.

So it seems that the user "DIT" is using the administration profile set globally to the devices instead of the specific one made in the device-mapping .

here is the SNMPv3 user configuration on the device:


I made a tcpdump of a disable port sent to the read-only device and I can see that XMC didn't use the specific SNMPv3 user xmc_ro but the RW one xmc.

16:22:35.659049 IP > F=apr U="xmc" [!scoped PDU]83_54_9e_aa_11_f9_05_7d_8d_84_20_77_f0_f8_32_27_10_a8_f4_e5_a4_aa_71_e3_25_0c_49_a9_2c_33_c1_fa_89_c8_1a_ba_33_ac_01_f6_b3_62_38_e6_8e_d8_84_13_b1_c7_c7_f9_c1_64_fa_e6_01_50_16
16:22:35.671323 IP > F=ap U="xmc" [!scoped PDU]92_e9_b2_94_6f_89_f9_87_2f_cb_f8_ab_0a_f9_f9_92_f3_7e_38_be_3e_3e_04_39_2d_5e_c7_4a_d2_96_fe_cc_0c_49_ba_e9_2e_cc_54_b5_9f_05_c4_1b_da_12_26_48_08_18_1f_f7_12_13_af_ef_53_a9_f0

Is there someone here that managed to deal with this ?