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AP 630 is offline. Troubleshooting suggestions?

AP 630 is offline. Troubleshooting suggestions?

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I have already tried changing them from Managed to Unmanaged and back to Managed (this actually brought 2 of my 4 troublesome APs back online). I also tried deleting them from ExtremeCloud IQ and adding them again. This didn’t help. I’m looking for other things to try.


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Do you have a console cable (RJ45-USB)? You can plug directly in to the AP to reach the CLI if you need to. Or you might be able to find the current IP address in your DHCP server. 

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Once I found a PC with a serial port that I could connect a console cable to, it was obvious that the AP was constantly in a state of rebooting and has since been RMAed. Thanks, everyone, for your suggestions.


-Watch the dhcp logfile. Do you find the ap there? Are there many entries of the AP per second?

-restart the port on the switch where the ap is connected.


Watch the port where the ap is connected. Is it up? If not and you are sure that the Ap is connected try to set the speed of the port to 100 and auto negotiation off.


Did the AP ever work?


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Actually, if you have a pretty flat DHCP server (doesnt have a bunch of scopes), and you know the AP's MAC-address, you can get into dhcp, right click on the scope and export it.  Then open the exported file into Excel, and then select Find, typing in the MAC-address of the AP, which in turn will give you the IP address.

I suppose you could also set a reservation in dhcp for the AP, restart the AP, having a constant ping of the IP address, and once you get a reply, you will know its online.

I know this is already resolved, but though to add my 2 cents.



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I looked through the DHCP server lease table and didn’t find any new entries for the MAC addresses of the APs. Unfortunately, I don’t have a console cable. I guess I’ll be getting one.