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AP650(ah) OS - (10.5r1)

AP650(ah) OS - (10.5r1)

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Morning all,

I had updated all my AP's to some time ago, and this morning realized i had that i somehow missed two of my AP650(ah)'s.  So i went to update them and i see there is a newer OS for them: (10.5r1).

ummmmm....  so i think, well ill go check downloads (within and see what the documentation says about it.  Its showing the latest version as huh!


Anyone got a link to the documentation to the latest OS for the AP650(ah)'s ?



This is a recurring theme here.  I update the firmware on the AP's, and for weeks/months i get emails that AP "x" has lost its CAPWAP connection.  If i get in the interface quick enough, i see the gray icon to the left of the AP, give it a few seconds, and its back online.  Email after email with all different AP's around campus doing that.  Then a few weeks before the release of the new firmware, no emails.... zero.... or Ive also had it where a new firmware has stopped that behavior, of offline/online, such as, with that one, no emails, but the firmware before that, lots of offline/online AP's and notifications.

So it appears that this new firmware has re-introduced that back into our environment.

Any ideas about that?  and yes that VoIP checkbox on Sonicwall is checked, persistent NAT.


Thanks, Jason

regarding your comment about CAPWAP disconnects.. i've been seeing it for years.    I noticed it first under the Aerohive name, and now in Extreme Networks.  After a number of support cases and being unable to convince anyone that that it is a real issue, and receiving hundreds of false alerts from the system, we finally surrendered.  We turned off all notifications for the system and setup a monitoring and notification system using PRTG.   


I think i have another idea about this.  Yes i think the firmware is partially responsible for these disconnects, BUT also Amazon AWS.  Im not sure how AWS is leverage for this, but there are certainly ties between the AP, interface and dashboard and Amazon AWS.  I saw a few posts when Amazon had a massive AWS outage, and it did affect the dashboard (got lots of warning emails about AP's going offline, way more than before the outage).  Again i have no idea how te two are linked, but linked they are.  You are right though @registration1 it isnt taken seriously and probably because its out of their control, they can make amazon do anything.  Have a great day, Jason.