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AP650(ah) OS - (10.5r1)

AP650(ah) OS - (10.5r1)

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Morning all,

I had updated all my AP's to some time ago, and this morning realized i had that i somehow missed two of my AP650(ah)'s.  So i went to update them and i see there is a newer OS for them: (10.5r1).

ummmmm....  so i think, well ill go check downloads (within and see what the documentation says about it.  Its showing the latest version as huh!


Anyone got a link to the documentation to the latest OS for the AP650(ah)'s ?



This is a recurring theme here.  I update the firmware on the AP's, and for weeks/months i get emails that AP "x" has lost its CAPWAP connection.  If i get in the interface quick enough, i see the gray icon to the left of the AP, give it a few seconds, and its back online.  Email after email with all different AP's around campus doing that.  Then a few weeks before the release of the new firmware, no emails.... zero.... or Ive also had it where a new firmware has stopped that behavior, of offline/online, such as, with that one, no emails, but the firmware before that, lots of offline/online AP's and notifications.

So it appears that this new firmware has re-introduced that back into our environment.

Any ideas about that?  and yes that VoIP checkbox on Sonicwall is checked, persistent NAT.


Thanks, Jason