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Changing PPSK password db location

Changing PPSK password db location

New Contributor

it seems like the extreme networks Cloud IQ was down for certain time this morning here in germany. Unfortunately i configured one of our PPSK groups with critical devices for your logistics with password db location on cloud. Due to disturbance on the extreme cloud side our devices on the site were not able to connect with our WLAN. 

Is there a way to change the location of the password db to local?  I certainly dont want to create a new group, delete the other PPSKs and recreate them in a new group with a local db due to me not being able to respond quickly enough if somethings not working after doing this..

Thanks in advance.


Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager
Hi Florian, unfortunately there isn't a way to change the password db location after you create a PPSK user group. I'm sorry I don't have a better answer for you here. If you're interested, I might recommend submitting a feature request with your sales engineer or account manager (if you aren't sure who those would be I can help you find out) so we can see if that is something we could update in a future XIQ release.