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Do AP121's support CWP bypass on latest code ?

Do AP121's support CWP bypass on latest code ?

New Contributor

Hello all,


Have read some other threads suggesting that they do with the latest code and by enabling supplimentary CLI.  If so, can someone please post the steps and an example of the cli commands to be entered in the ECIQ GUI.

I get it working no problem with the my AP230’s so I know the policy and rules etc are good, but those AP’s don’t need the supp CLI

Spent a while trying all sorts and I either my MAC address gets blocked and not associated or it is ignored and I still see the CWP splash screen



I can get it working on one device (MyPhone) by adding the following into the Supp CLI


security-object MySSiD security mac-white-list bypass-cwp
mac-object MyPhone mac-range aaaa:bbbb:cccc - aaaa:bbbb:cccc
security-object MySSiD security mac-white-list mac-object MyPhone


But I undertsand that is limited to a total of 8 mac addresses, and I understand thats the ‘old’ way of doing it and with the latest code I can do it in the gui under user profiles, and the bypass CWP rules


Many thanks in advance



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Community Manager

I believe that is a feature that is limited to devices running the 10.x firmware version. Since the AP121’s can’t run the 10.x firmware line, you would be limited to doing this via the CLI. I don’t know of any other commands that you could use that wouldn’t limit you to 8 MAC addresses.