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Does anyone else use XIQ PPSKs with Smoothwall?

Does anyone else use XIQ PPSKs with Smoothwall?

New Contributor
Hi everyone. This is my first post, so apologies if I don't make myself clear enough.

I work for a school and we have been using 802.1X authentication (PEAP/MSCHAPv2) for a while now. This is just about long enough for me to reach the end of my rope where our BYODs are concerned.

At present we are forced to use 6 separate connection guides for our students to join our enterprise level WiFi - these guides (Mac / Android, etc) point out how users need to assign EAP and CA certificate information prior to successful connection.

We use Smoothwall as our content filter and, as I understand it, this system relies on RADIUS Accounting in order to determine the level of access a user gets.

My question is this: given how wonderful PPSKs are (I did a course in 2015 which positively gushed over them), is there any way to use them for connections which require authentication on the Smoothwall. Does anyone else out there use this combination of technologies?

My colleague says that everything he's seen has pointed to a pending feature request which should provide RADIUS-style Accounting to PPSK connections. Is this a thing? Am I barking up the wrong tree?

I'd hate to have to install an agent on each device; surely we can store identifying user info in each user's PPSK account which can be passed on to the Smoothwall?

Please help!

Signed a rather frustrated Jon.

Extreme Employee
Unfortunately, currently there is no built in integration between XIQ's cloud PPSK authentication and any third party applications such Smoothwall content filters.