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Extreme Guests Essentials Sponsor Email Vendor Duration of the Visit field

Extreme Guests Essentials Sponsor Email Vendor Duration of the Visit field

New Contributor

I’m trying to configure the template for Guest Network Registration with an sponsor, using the ·”Vendor”  option of the splash template. When the user registers, there is a field to be filled with the info on “Duration of the Visit (In days)”, but that information seems to not useful in anyplace later, as  it’s not even showed on the Email sent to the sponsor for approval (it doesn't seem to be available in none of the Email templates) . I would say that this information, among the other collected on the captive portal (Motive of the visit, Enterprise, etc.)  shall be presented to the sponsor in order to help him understand on detail the request and be able approve or deny quickly.


Also as the selected Vendor auto-register form captive portal has other additional field options, like “Company’s Name”  and  “Purpose of the visit”, how may I sent  that info directly to the  sponsor approving  E-Mail, allowing him to do a better evaluation on the request and then allow or deny it?


Other doubt I have is about the purpose of asking the visitor about the “Duration of the Visit (In days)” if later that information seems to not useful in anyplace, neither is included on the sponsor approval email, nor used as a automatically set  individual expiration date for each request. It would be ideal that if the Vendor ask for access during a given spam of time, the sponsor then be able to know the requested duration directly on the approval email, and then, if approved, that this requested spam of time becomes the one assigned automatically to the requesting visitor.


Currently the expiry date for the request is completely nondependent of the Visitor’s request and is also unknow to the Sponsor, as it’s not show on the Email  at the moment of the approval. Indeed, even the Visitor is unaware of the duration of the access granted, as the expiry date or time span aren’t on the credentials SMS sent to him.


Is there a way to  include that info on the sponsor’s approval Email?

Is there a way to  use the “Duration of the Visit (In days)” field collected data during vendor’s registration to effectively set that period of time as the valid duration of the granted access automatically?


Jose Da Silva


New Contributor II

Hi Jose,

Did you receive some feedback?

I've the same doubts.


Edson Moura