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Licenses Expired / New Admin Needed

Licenses Expired / New Admin Needed

New Contributor

I teach at a school and our licenses have expired on our 22 AP130, I was hoping to downgrade to Connect but that doesn't see to be way to do that and keep all 22 devices onboard. 

We need to add a new admin account but that seems to be locked due to our licenses being expired. Is there a way to downgrade to Connect or create a new admin account as the current has left the position. 

Looking for possible options before moving forward. Thank you


Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager
Hi Matthew, thanks for reaching out here, I can help with this. There isn't a way to downgrade a Pilot instance to a Connect instance, it's a one way trip from Connect to Pilot unfortunately. To downgrade to Connect, you'll need to register for a whole new account, then remove your devices from your Pilot instance, then onboard them to the Connect instance.

This will include some brief network down time while the APs are moved to the new inventory, just something to keep in mind. To minimize down time, I'd recommend building your network policy in the Connect instance before moving your devices over, so they can pick up the configuration right away and get your network back up and running in essentially the time it takes to reboot the AP. 

I will email you a temporary entitlement key to unlock your XIQ instance so you can make the move over to Connect. 

This guide reviews how to remove and add devices in XIQ, just for reference. 

This guide reviews how to register for a Connect instance. 

Hope this helps! Please let me know if I can help with anything else.