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massive amount of Plan devices suddenly showing up in my XIQ.. WHATS GOING ON?

massive amount of Plan devices suddenly showing up in my XIQ.. WHATS GOING ON?

Valued Contributor
Whats going on...

all of a suddenly today, i see ive suddenly got 3 pages of "PLAN-XXXX" devices, so im scrolling down, and there are a hundred or more AP's, with the cloud group thing next to it....

Whats going on?  this isnt something ive done, it was fine very first thing, and now at 953am (EST) they are showing up, i have a full page and a half of them,,,

is the backend having some kind of issue?

heres just a brief screen grab:


Not only are they showing up, but also note their IP address.

Do I need to do something?  will this be fixed on their end of things?

whats going on?


Valued Contributor
Deleting them worked, thanks Sam.

They closed the ticket, and didnt say why they just showed up.... so no idea...


Valued Contributor
Thanks Sam.  I updated the support case asking them about that.

I don't know if you will remember, but i had issues with the maps within XIQ, where the pins would be all over the place in different states, etc.  I wonder if somehow those Plan devices were to blame - they would move randomly.

Ive asked the case to be closed, but if they would email me why those PLAN devices showed up within my XIQ.

thanks again Sam,

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager
I'd recommend asking your support technician what their theory would be on how these were added, just because they're going to have more hands on experience with XIQ than I do at this point. My first response was going to be that you'd have to add them on the monitor page, and maybe someone did that to test out a theory, but on second thought I have some vague recollection of being able to add simulated devices to XIQ via the Maps now too. I think that was added to speed up any planning someone might want to do when they upload a new map to XIQ. If you've added any new sites recently, maybe someone was trying to estimate how many APs you'd need for the area? 

Sorry I don't have anything more concrete for you. Hopefully your technician can give you a more definitive answer.

Valued Contributor
Thanks Sam.

What i will do then, is to select all of those PLAN devices, and delete them (via the trash icon).  Ill go back into the support portal and the ticket i created, and let them know that i deleted them, and that they can close the ticket.

I wonder where on earth all of those devices came from.  Any ideas?

Thanks again,