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Radius Test Tool failing

Radius Test Tool failing

New Contributor
We have Radius users & WIndows NPS working for years and I have always double checked user connection issues with the Radius test tool to confirm user password is correct. (99% of the time it is the issue)

Suddenly the radius test tool is coming up with rejected which I suspect is due to recent hardening of NTLM rules on the Domain. All logons still working from what I can tell.
can anyone confirm that the tool is caught in this, refusing LM and NTLM and whether there is another 3rd party tool or way I can check radius logons if the extremetool is no longer useful please

New Contributor
Ok I have confirmed the tool is blocked when you block ntlmv1on the server
does that tool work on ntlmv2 or does any tool?, do all the tests only work thru ntlmv1.
authentication is still working to mac and windows with only ntlmv2 enabled but not the test tool

New Contributor III
/usr/bin/radtest is in freeradius-utils package 
So you can test your service from a linux platform with:
/usr/bin/radtest user password radiusserver:1812 1 secret